Modern education requires a multishaped approach to the competencies and their development. Understanding the complexity is the key factor, but complexity doesn't mean complication. Dharma developed innovative education environments to bring complexity thru simple, effective and user friendly solutions: the Management Labs. A Management Lab is a learning environment shaped as a micro- world. In this virtual system time is adjustable, and users may investigate long term effects of strategic choices on the entire organization scale. In each course, participants are divided in teams, where each team is managing a virtual company: a computer simulation of a real company. At the start, each participant is asked to analyze the present situation and make adequate decisions, afterwards, they will evaluate their choices on results obtained by making the virtual time run. In the meantime, the trainer has the key role in leading participants to explain the behavior of the company on the market in relationships between factors, clarifying the links between strategies and business performance. One of the main characteristics of this training method is having a group dynamic in a practical approach of a real life-like situation. Educational objectives are achieved when each participant can create his own mental models for explaining organizations’ behavior. This ability, once learned will be evident and effective in everyday behavior. You can imagine the Dharma courses and the true life as parallel floors. What happens during the Dharma Business Labs is in many ways similar to what happens during the everyday working experiences, in terms of feelings, emotions and competencies applied, but shaped and remolded as to make them underlined and cleaned from all the white noise. in other words, Dharma Labs make people using the same personal resources, in terms of competencies and feelings, that are used in the everyday life, but in an environment that's controlled and with the possibility to accelerate or to stop the time. You can imagine the shape of our business Labs as reproductions of the real world, that can be zoomed in and out as needed, and shaped according to our customer's needs We can provide a full-range shaped course, intended for high-level seminaries, that doesn't have a clear focus on specified competencies and that allows each participant to take what he needs. On the other hand, if the aim is working on a particular competence, we can easily zoom on it and shape the setup to deeply analyze a specific aspect. So, a management Lab can be used in a very round and smooth way, as can be focused on a specific competence.
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